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Whether you are relocating, looking for an alternative school, or your child is just entering school for the first time, it can be overwhelming to know where to start, and narrowing the options can be daunting.  

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Through research, school visits, and experience, we simplify the search process for you by providing advice on schools that fit your child's ability, potential, and school culture and give you targeted choices to make the best decision. 

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Let's Find the Best High School   Private and Boarding

Let's Go to College: College Admissions Advising

Parents and teens, quite commonly, find it difficult to fully understand and relate to one another, especially when talking about the future.  We bridge the communication gap by guiding you through the college admission process to reach an informed, well-matched, and less-stressed college decision.

Our goal is simple:  Guide and prepare students for admissions to their best college fit. 

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