What We Do:

Whether you are relocating, looking for an alternative to your current school or your child is just entering school for the first time, it can be overwhelming to know just where to start.  The Triangle area has fantastic schools from private to public but narrowing down the options best for your child can be daunting. 


Fisk Educational Consulting:

  • Simplifies the school search process 

  • Advises on schools that fit your child's ability, potential, and your parenting goals

  • Provide school choices so you can make an informed decision before taking action 


How We Do It:

Building Knowledge: We build our knowledge of schools by traveling year-round visiting schools and programs, specifically public and private schools in the Triangle and boarding and therapeutic programs throughout the United States.  We meet and revisit with admissions officers, counselors, teachers, and other professionals working with children and teens. While many schools seem to offer similar academics and extracurriculars we uncover their unique differentiation. 

Understanding the Child: We understand each child is unique as is each family situation so we take the time to understand your family goals and desired outcomes.  Our consultation services are based upon your family needs. 

Consultation Options

Triangle Schools Consultation
90-minute meeting (phone or video).  A great option for families relocating to the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area or are new to the school process and need general advice about the local school options, including private, public, 
charter, and magnet school admissions processes.  Prior to, parents complete an in-depth questionnaire to be reviewed along with a recommended list of school options. Parents will receive a detailed list of schools discussed.  Additional research can be prorated after the initial consultation. 

Fast-Track Consultation

30- Minute (phone or video call) for families that have done the research and narrowed down their choices. Perfect to review specific questions regarding your family situation and/or specific schools.  Also for families needing final guidance on private school applications and processes. 


Therapeutic or Learning Differences Placement 

Comprehensive packages are offered for families needing guidance and support in seeking a specific school or program for which to apply for their student.  The consultation provides parents a safe and professional outlet to share their child’s educational goals. This flat fee includes an agreed-upon scope of work and hours to navigate your family through the school process. These options may include public or private school, boarding school, military, wilderness programs, learning differences, and therapeutic boarding schools. 


Package options may include:

  • A full academic and developmental evaluation of the student. 

  • Recommendations for further evaluation/testing if identified

  • Parent interview to learn goals and desired outcomes for the child.

  • Recommended school list including specific application due dates and requirements.

  • Application, essay writing, and interview assistance.

  • Financial aid & scholarship application guidance.

  • Consultant letter of recommendation to choice schools

  • Monthly follow up with the school and family post-placement for 1 year.

  • Consultation with a therapist or other professionals working with child

Raleigh-Durham-Cary, NC

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