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Fisk Educational Consulting

As independent educational consultants, we work only for our student's betterment and success.  As a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, we uphold high standards and professional ethics. We believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for successful school placements. When you work with us, you should expect collaboration with transparency and consistency.


A graduate of North Carolina State University (B.A. Communications) and the University of California Irvine (College Counseling Certificate). I am a lifelong learner, continually seeking to grow professionally and personally. 

I spent nearly 20 years in secondary school Admissions, working directly with a wide range of students. I began the educational consulting practice out of a desire to take on a new challenge, the opportunity to start my own business and to provide students with a truly personalized approach to college planning. 

I love making connections through networking, community service, or professional development. I genuinely believe we are better when we strive to enrich the lives of others.  Most importantly, I am a mom to two beautiful teenage daughters and two somewhat behaved dogs. 

Caroline Fisk
Susan Hemmes

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from UVa and a Master of Science degree from NYU. My career in the Federal Government, specializing in commercial real estate transactions. Later, I joined one of the largest developers in the Southeast, based in Charlotte, NC.  Moving to Hobe Sound, FL to raise my boys I then joined a boutique residential real estate firm before becoming a part of one of Florida's most prestigious firms.  Throughout my career, I have provided personalized service and attention to detail to clients ranging from Federal Agencies and Fortune 50 Companies to students looking for their perfect school.   

As a mom to two boys, I successfully navigated the process of boarding school enrollment and secure admission into both public and private universities. I am thrilled to work with  Fisk Education to provide customized services that cater specifically to your educational aspirations. These tailored services are designed to assist you in achieving your academic goals.

Brooke Gunning

I was raised with the firm belief that a good education is the one thing that can never be taken, regardless of the circumstances. After graduating with a B.A. in English from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, I have enjoyed working everywhere from the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange to The White House, gaining rare firsthand insight into the inner workings of and success steps to the pinnacles of both the public and private sectors.  Because my main passion has always been the combination of writing, editing, and interviewing,  I later chose that to be my directed focus. I’ve authored numerous books and articles (including for “American Girl” magazine), penned a weekly op-ed column for a large newspaper, sat on the Editorial Board of a major newspaper, and covered equestrian sports, specifically steeplechasing and Thoroughbred flat racing.

What has always most interested me is interviewing people.  What motivates you to do this but not that?  I’ve spent many years interviewing all types of people from all walks of life from all over the world. Certainly, all people have some things in common, but each person is unique. I am interested in YOU.  What’s your favorite thing to do on a hot summer day? What’s the best thing about being your age at this point in history?  What’s your least favorite color? Instead of just what do you want to be when you grow up, who do you want to be?  I’m here to happily help guide you to the exciting next chapter in your unique life story.


IECA Associate Member

SACAC Member

Fisk Educaational Consulting, LLC

Core Values
  • Respecting the dignity of all students

  • Honor individual & family values & goals

  • Believe in nurturing curiosity

  • Share joy

  • Strive for success

  • Thrive on humor

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