College Students


College Planning 

Full-service comprehensive packages beginning as early as 9th grade. 

The in-depth process allows students and parents time to explore goals, aptitudes, and interests to find the best-matched schools.  
The package covers in-person and/or remote meetings with students and parents.

  • Student assessment

  • Career Exploration 

  • Academic planning

  • Financial Planning

  • Scholarship Review

  • Summer and Extracurriculars

  • Test Review- Planning

  • College List building

  • College Research tools

  • Essay Support

  • Interview Prep

  • College Visit Planning

  • Application Guidance

  • Review of decisions and awards.

Essay Coaching

Senior Application 
& Essay Support 

  • Common App Application Review

  • Resume Building 

  • Activities & Awards Guidance

  • Essay Topic Generation

  • Essay Editing & Review

Hourly Guidance

Hourly Consultation for college planning services can include:

  • K-12 School Guidance

  • Academic Course review

  • Test planning & Prep Review

  • Essay Support

  • College Research tools