College Planning Services

College is a journey and a unique opportunity for young people to explore, learn and develop.  We work closely with students and parents to make the college search and admissions process a time for learning and exploration. We adhere to all ethical standards, practice empathy, and collaborate to find the best school choices. 

Our packages typically begin in the sophomore or junior year and include the following services:  

Discovery & Assessment

  • Assessment Tools:-We use targeted assessments to provide students with insight into how their personality, interest, and aptitudes align with a school, a declared major, and future career.

  • Academic Records & Time Management:  We provide in-depth guidance on current and future course selections. Each student will have access to a private student portal designed to organize their reports, testing, college list, deadlines, and application requirements.

College Research 

  • College List: Through our expertise and insight, we guide students on building a  tailored college list specific to their criteria, potential match, and fit. Utilizing sophisticated data, we teach students in the college research to fully invest in the process, understand the opportunities, and deepen their preferences


Application & Essay

  • Applications: The application is the opportunity for students to shine and differentiate.  We teach them how to navigate the common app, manage deadlines and organize their experiences to showcase their best selves. 

  • Essays: We begin essay brainstorming work on our first day. Throughout our time, we will explore topics, craft the message, edit, rewrite, and refine so they tell the story of their unique self.

College Friends

College counseling:
Throughout, we provide students an outlook to discuss their ideas, dream, concerns while guiding them to meet their desired goal.  Services include interview preparation, phone, email, and text communication between parents, students, and consultants.