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boarding schools



Boarding schools provide students with the academic, social, and emotional skills they need to succeed in college. 

 According to The Association of Boarding Schools, "Research proves that contemporary boarding schools serve a diverse body of motivated students who study and live in supportive, inclusive academic communities where they learn about independence and responsibility – values that help them achieve success at higher rates than private day and public school students – in the classroom and beyond.

Tips Choosing A Boarding School

Depending on how far away from home you are comfortable sending your child, this is an important factor in narrowing down your choices. Also, remember the weather, culture, and states where other students will come from to attend the school. 


Academic offerings

Look for schools with comprehensive curriculums and the opportunity for students to specialize in certain areas, such as STEM or the Arts. 


Student-teacher ratio
Lower ratios often mean more individualized attention from teachers, which can provide additional support for struggling students or allow advanced students to explore their interests further. 


Extracurricular activities
Look for schools that offer unique opportunities, such as internships, Robotics, Global experiences, Leadership, Clubs, or community service projects that give students a chance to explore different paths.


Tuition costs should also play an essential role in making a decision; some schools may have higher tuition but may offer scholarships or financial assistance, making attending much more feasible. Understanding the value and return on investment also makes this a critical part of the equation.


Visit the Campus

The final piece usually comes down to the school that "feels right" for your child. The visit will help you decide which best fits your child's needs academically, socially, and emotionally.

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