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Dorm Tips!

Great tips from a College RA!

  • buy a mesh shower caddy rather then a plastic one (easier to clean and limits mold!)

  • buy a tower fan rather then a little woozo type fan (cools the whole room rather then just one part and easier to store then a box fan)

  • buy a bath robe rather then tons of towels (best for communal bathrooms and walking back and forth from bathroom to rooms)

  • buy a mattress topper rather then NOT buying one (dorm beds are like bags of rocks)

  • buy totes (blue IKEA bags are great) rather then compression storage bags (best for moving out and easy access to stuff)

  • buy a mini fridge* with a freezer section rather then one that is all refrigerator (needed for students who like ice cream and chicken nuggets!)

  • buy an air fryer* rather then a toaster (most air fryers come with these plus this limits trips to the dorm kitchens and amount of appliances!)

  • buy a larger trash can rather then a tiny desk one (helps limit how many times a week you take trash out!)

  • buy/rent books from chegg or amazon rather then the school book store (SAVES SO MUCH MONEY)

  • buy folding/butterfly chairs rather then a futon (just as comfy but can be stored away!)

  • buy a rolling laundry hamper rather then a bag ( so much easier then you would think to take down stairs and elevators, plus it takes longer to fill it up!)

*Disclaimer: please check school requirements and rules!


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