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Therapeutic and Special Learning Placement

Teens today are more isolated, anxious, and fragile. For parents, they often seem more complex and difficult to communicate with, if at all. This generation, also known as the "iGen" by Dr. Jean Twenge, "is growing up more slowly and more anxious from any generation in history."  In today's world, teens are also less resilient, less independent, and comparatively to previous generations, less prepared for adulthood.  

The data confirms what most already know, and increased social media has led to alarming rates of social isolation, anxiety, and clinical depression. A variety of other reasons, known and unknown to parents, may cause a pre/teen to be in crisis. This may manifest in poor academics, school refusal, behavioral missteps, low self-esteem, substance abuse, and/or withdrawal from family and friends. 

Now What...

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Parents don't have to go at this alone and shouldn't. As your Educational Consultant, we partnered with experienced professionals in therapeutic and special education programs to guide your child from crisis to stability with the end goal of a successful transition into adulthood. 


We will see your child through a new optimistic lens, understanding their hidden strengths and the potential of their intended future.  

The Good News...

Fisk Educational Consultants provide compassionate and professional counsel during a time of deep emotional pain and trauma.  Our experience is based on expert knowledge of quality programs gathered through dozens of program visits, campus tours, both in-person and virtually every year.  We speak directly with clinical directors, therapists, and staff to get insights into their methodology, therapeutic offerings, and culture.  Successful programs will help the teens build self-confidence, self-advocacy, resilience and restore peace to the family. The specific plan for your child is carefully selected to meet their unique needs.   


Family and Student issues we address (partial list):




Executive Functioning

Learning Differences

Social Isolation

School Refusal 


Teen Students
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