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  • 70% of the jobs are not even advertised on job websites, and 85% of the vacancies are filled via referrals.

  • 77% of recruiters actively use LinkedIn to find potential candidates. Having relevant connections on LinkedIn with whom you keep in touch can land you a job.

  • 85% of positions are filled with personal or professional connections.

  • 35% of the people said they got their current job thanks to their professional connections.

  • 24% of job seekers find out about job opportunities through their professional connections.

  • Find Jobs, Research opportunities, Internships, Schools, and Connections.


1. Identify Your Networking Goals: Before networking, it is important to assess why you’re networking and what type of connections and resources you are looking for. Set a Goal to find 100 names. Maybe only 5 or even 1 will work.

2. Research Your Network: Take the time to research your network so that you can identify people who might be helpful in achieving your goals. Use technology tools such as LinkedIn or other social media platforms to find appropriate contacts. Talk to teachers, principal, coaches, science fair judges, parents, and neighbors.

3. Prepare an Elevator Pitch: An elevator pitch is a short description of yourself and what makes you unique, typically designed to introduce yourself quickly in a positive light when meeting someone new. Make sure that your elevator pitch is succinct and tailored towards the person you are speaking with so that it leaves a lasting impression on them about who you are and what skills/experiences/connections you possess relevant to their industry or field of work.

4. Connect Ahead of Time: Reach out ahead of time if possible by sending emails or messages introducing yourself before attending events where they will be present; this way, they may remember who you are when meeting face-to-face at the event itself!

5. Follow-Up: Following up with contacts helps build strong relationships, which can lead to future collaborations or job opportunities. Immediately send out a thank-you note: Send an email or handwritten letter as soon as possible after the interview to thank them for taking the time to meet/speak with you.


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